Our References


New Placement - Middle East
CEO Financial Sector, Dubai (UAE)
The innovative idea, concept and performance of the project offered the best new professional perspectives to the employees. Sabine is very focused - big success.


Business Development Strategy
COO Private Bank, Muscat (Oman)
A creative and high quality new customer acquisition of Expats led to a significant increase in sales growth. Therefore we are pleased to welcome a new Private Wealth Manager on board to support new customers. Dual effect = new customer acquisition & workforce growth.


International Personnel Procurement

HR Leader Private Bank, Frankfurt / Main
To recruit the best Private Wealth Manager for our national branches is a challenge but also daily business for any headhunter. To identify an expedient manager on an international level and for our overseas branches is significantly more challenging. Thanks to the professional competence and excellent worldwide network and in a minimum of time even all the international vacancies were filled.


Talent & Development

HR Leader Direct Bank, Nürnberg / Frankfurt
We required an innovative program for our employees to further adapt competences and to support them. Sabine Clauss absolutely convinced us with her concept of talent management based on many years of training experience and her professional qualification in banking.